Capqu Snacks Quotes 60+ Best Pani Puri Quotes, Shayari and Instagram Captions (Updated)

60+ Best Pani Puri Quotes, Shayari and Instagram Captions (Updated)

60+ Best Pani Puri Quotes, Shayari and Instagram Captions (Updated) post thumbnail image

Are you a Die Hard Pani puri Fan and Looking for some Great Pani puri Quotes??

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Pani-puri, a popular ‘quick snack,’ is a favorite among girls. In North India, it’s known as Pani Puri, Golgappa, or Batasha; in East India, Phuchka; in South India, Pani Puri; and in West India, Gupchup. It is frequently consumed in the evening. Pani puri can be prepared in a variety of ways.

From a business standpoint, Pani Puri or Golgappa is the best and cheapest option. Working for 6-8 hours in a day can earn you a lot of money. Because the majority of employees in this industry are uneducated, they do not pay as much attention to hygiene as they should. Eating this golgappa is also damaging to one’s health because it is made pleasant by utilizing dirt and chemicals to flavor the water.

As soon as the name Pani Puri is said, water fills the mouth. Even though a lot of fast food has entered the market, no one has been able to replace Golgappa. Regardless of their health, golgappa fans eat it every evening. Pani puri vendors with good sanitation and taste are frequently available.

Golgappa Quotes:

Pani Puri Shayari

If you want to impress a girl,
So definitely feed your share of Golgappa to her.

Some got absorbed in the sorrow of life like this,
It is not known when the golgappas became three of ten.

When you make mouth like golgappa in anger,
Swear looks very dear to God.

When you don’t like anything,
So definitely eat “Pani Puri”.

If there is love in the heart, then you have to tell,
One has to smile even after eating spicy golgappa.

Panipuri Captions for Instagram:

Panipuri Captions for Instagram:

When I see ‘Pani Puri’ in the market,
There is no awareness or news, I don’t know what kind of effect it has.

Form such a government in the country,
Who feed twenty golgappas for ten rupees.

“Bhaiya Bnane se pehle hath do lena prr swad aana chahiye.”

His life is incomplete
Those who do not like pani puri.

Golgappas turned twenty into five,
Are you giving Nalayko by filling water or petrol?

Pani Puri Love Shayari:

Pani Puri Love Shayari:

Main Golgappa Tum Pani Priye,
Tum Bin Adhoori Hai Meri Kahani Priye.

“Bhaiya Thoda aur spicy banana, Maza NHI aa RHA”

“Hum bi Gol, tum bi Gol Is duniya m pain puri bi Gol”

Agar Tum Chahte Ho Kisi Ladki Ko Patana,
To Apne Hisse Ka Golgappa Use Jaroor Khilana.

We go to their street to eat golgappas.
He is in the misunderstanding that we come to impress him,

“She Loves to eat, but I just love to Drink Pani.”

Golgappas attract people of all ages.
People get sick when they eat too much.

Panipuri Quotes:

Panipuri Quotes:

My heart beats often,
Seeing “Pani Puri”, it slips.

Said in the era, now someone gets the first love,
Even today the first love of girls is Golgappa.

Relationships and Pani puri should be caught with delicate hands.
They often break when held with strong hands.

Your English studies are in vain,
If you do not know what is called pani-puri in English.

Captions For Pani Puri:

Captions For Pani Puri

Jab Man Ko Kuchh Na Bhaye,
To Pani Poori Jaroor Khaye.

Happiness is found by one reason or the other,
Sometimes by making someone laugh, sometimes by getting an extra golgappa.

“Aay dil or jubah se ek hi naam, pain puri khane see hi honge sb kaam.”

I didn’t know she would be so unfaithful
I will feed golgappas and my girlfriend will become someone else’s.

The toughest boy is a pani puri person, no matter how many smiles the girl gives, but the man does not forget his count.

Pani Puri Quotes with free images:

Pani Puri Quotes with free images:

There should also be an eighth promise in marriage,
That I will feed you golgappas every weekend.

“Ending the day the right way, with pani puri.”

“Professional pani puri taster is Here.”

“Start your Noon with Pani Puri and end your night with Chat Papdi.”

“True self-control is not going for another plate of pani puri.”

Pani Puri Quotes in English:

Pani Puri Quotes in English

“Jindagi Ke Gam Me Kuchh Is Tarah Leen Ho Gaye,
Pta Hee Nahi Chala, Golgappe Kab Das Ke Teen Ho Gaye.”

“Raise your hand if pani puri makes your mouth water.”

“Bhaiya Thoda Kam spicy banana, bahut Zyada Maza ho gya”

“Bhaiya meetha zyada kar do, bss mirchi nhi lagni chahiye.”

“Bhaiya ek aur plate bana do, ye km pd gyi ha”

Pani Puri Love Quotes:

Pani Puri Love Quotes

“no answer from girls
In eating golgappas and making brothers.”

“Why is the price of pani puri going up like its petrol?”

“Pani puri does not make you fat. It’s innocent.”

“If I opened a pani puri stall, I would honestly finish my stock. That’s how much I love it.”

“You are the only reason why I am in Love with Pani Puri”

I Love Pani Puri Quotes:

I Love Pani Puri Quotes

Narajagi Me Jab Golgappe Jaisa Munh Bnaati Ho,
Kasam Khuda Ki Badi Pyaari Nazar Aati Ho.

“My Girlfriend eats a Lot of Panipuri But it need to be Spicy like Her”

“Ek tu or dusri teri yeh Pani Puri”

“What’s your capacity to eat Pani puri?”

“Not Sweet, Nor Spicy I Like Both in Between.”

Pani Puri Funny Quotes:

Pani Puri Funny Quotes

If dry papdi is not found after eating golgappas,
Girls assume the form of Durga within 10 seconds.

“Pani bina Puri Adhoori, Puri Bina Pani. Dono Mile to bni Kahani.”

“Let’s make a competition in Eating Golgappa.”

“Control your Speed of Eating, just last 1 puri Left that is mine.”

“Make your Dry Day Wet with the Pani of Pani puri.”

“The doctor has prescribed me to eat 5 Pani Puri Daily.”

Pani Puri Love Captions:

Pani Puri Love Captions

Follow this recipe to get rid of tension,
When the heart is restless, then definitely go to eat golgappas.

“Bhaiya Pani thoda aur Milega.”

“Bhaiya 10 Ke Kitne ha.”

“mom After Studies I will open a Pani Puri Shop.”

“Selling Pani Puri is the best job if you want to impress Cute Girls.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is pani puri called water balls?

Ans. The poor English perhaps had no idea what to call these so they simply translated pani puri to water balls.

How describe pani puri in English?

Ans. A famous bite-sized chaat called gol gappa (also known as pani puri) is made of a hollow, crispy-fried puff ball that is filled with potato, chickpeas, onions, spices, and flavoring water, typically tamarind or mint.

What do you mean by Puri?

Ans. An Indian puffy fried wheat cake.


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