Capqu God Quotes,Quotes 45+ Ram Quotes, Sayings and Captions To Follow The Path Of Truth For Free (Updated)

45+ Ram Quotes, Sayings and Captions To Follow The Path Of Truth For Free (Updated)

45+ Ram Quotes, Sayings and Captions To Follow The Path Of Truth For Free (Updated) post thumbnail image

There are an unlimited amount of Ram quotes. Lord Ram’s characteristics are likewise limitless. We’ve made an attempt to provide you with some of the most notable Jai Shree Ram Quotes.

Lord Ram’s every word is awe-inspiring and heartfelt. We should not only listen to his words, but also put them into practise.

Understanding and utilising Jai Shree Ram Quotes in your life will bring you success, happiness, and fulfilment. We sincerely hope and believe that you will incorporate Jai Shree Ram Quotes into your daily life.

Shree Ram Quotes with Deep Meaning

Provided Below are Some of the Great Quotes and Saying on Shree Ram:-

These three words, “Jai Shree Ram,” are beautiful in and of themselves. The name of the Lord has supernatural properties. Jai Shree Ram is also known as the Holy Words because of its pureness and Kind Spirituality.

Jai Shree Ram Quotes:-

Jai Shree Ram Quotes

“No one can repay the Debt. of his Mother/Father”

“Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven.”

“Those who praise your work in front of you and spoil your work behind your back, such people are like snakes. It is better to stay away from them.”

“Situations don’t become a problem for us, Problems arise when we do not know how to deal with situations.”

“Before speaking, words are in the control of man, But after speaking, man becomes under the control of words.”

“The spoken word is such a thing, because of which a person, Either gets into the heart or gets out of the heart.”

“Non-violence is the supreme religion and condemnation of others is the biggest sin.”

“The drama starts where logic ends.”

“Only the timid and weak people rely on luck, But those who are fearless and strong never rely on luck.”

Ram Navami Quotes:-

Ram Navami Quotes

“The person who does not discriminate against anyone and treats everyone well, that person makes great progress in life.”

“Even if one’s father is a misdemeanor, even if the world abandons him, it is the duty of the son to worship the father like God.”

“If someone challenges us in the battle, we will definitely fight him. Even if it is the death itself.”

“The real condition of any person is known by his conduct.”

“I am well acquainted with the behavior of relatives, They take pleasure in the troubles of their relatives.”

“I think God gives you all good things at the same time.”

“I style my roles mostly with some help from my team of stylists.”

“It is futile to talk of agreement with the wicked and demons or to speak in meek words, Similarly, giving a small gift to a rich person is also useless.”

“The advice of the learned and wise is the basis of victory.”

Ram Quotes in English:-

Ram Quotes in English

“A spiritless, weak, and sad person cannot do any good work, He goes on drowning in the depths of sorrow.”

“At the end of the day, I am not my dad and have my own journey to make.”

“Friendship and enmity should always be made with equals.”

“Kindness, Goodwill, and Humanity are great virtues.”

“Do not be sad thinking that what the Creator has written in your destiny cannot be changed.”

“There are rare people who do not get frustrated and confused in the face of adversity.”

“There is great power in enthusiasm, Nothing is impossible for an enthusiastic person.”

“Everyone makes mistakes, There is no creature that has not made a mistake.”

Ram Sita Love Quotes:-

Ram SIta Love Quotes

“Start from where you are, use what you have, And do what you can.”

“It is not important what you get after achieving the goal, What is important is what you become after achieving the goal.”

“Do any work to the best of your ability, Because what we do today, we get the result of it in the future.”

“There is a shadow of saffron love on the heart, Ram Raj has come again, Seeing the power of Hindu, the whole world is scared.”

This habit of yours can ruin you.”

 “Love stories thrive on hope.”

Ram Charan Quotes:-

Ram Charan Quotes

“Always keep your eyes on the sky, And keep the feet on the ground.”

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, until you stop.”

“Never tell your secrets to anyone,

“I have to give importance to my personal life, my family, parents, and sisters. I hope I can strike the right balance.”

“Leaving your home and living in someone else’s house is the most painful thing.”

“Friends are tested in trouble and life partner is tested when all your wealth is exhausted.”

“The tears of a virtuous woman do not fall in vain on the earth, They destroy them, due to which they came out.”

Ramayana Quotes 2022:-

“It’s difficult to repay the debt of Mothers and Fathers”

“You can’t protect Dharma if you don’t know what it is.”

“Yama is that way. Oh Ravana, be gone, I am Kala…I am Time….I am Time…”

“Rama, as a stingy man cannot enter heaven with no good deeds beside him, so I cannot enter Fair Ayodhya alone!”

“Dharma is rooted in Truth”

“Elder brothers and teachers are to be considered as one’s father”

FAQs (Frequently asked Questions):

Q1:- Best Motivational Line From Ramayana?

Ans:- Truth, according to those with dharmic knowledge, is the highest form of dharma.

Q2:- Are Lord Rama Real?

Ans:- According to Hindu Mythology Lord Rama is one of the Avatar of Lord Vishnu the Creator of Whole Universe.

Q3:- Lord Rama is Famous for?

Ans:- Lord Rama Known as Ram is Famous for his Truthfulness and kind Behaviour.


The Ramayana is one of the few novels that has remained relevant and referenced in the the field of astrology. Rama is adored as the epitome of righteousness, Sita is described as the ideal wife, Lakshman is described as the ideal brother, and Hanuman is known as the ideal sevak of Lord Rama. The principles and lessons of the Ramayana have long served as a benchmark for India as a nation and community.

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